What facilities are available at the race venue?

The race is held at the Clanwilliam Municipal campsite where there are ablution blocks and campsites available. Designated parking areas will be made available to those that are not camping at the venue. Non-campers should not park in camp site areas.

What food/drink is available at the race venue?

Food Stalls
There is a wide variety of food on offer and food stalls are available at both the marquee as well as near the finish line. While every attempt is made to cater for everyone's needs and tastes, we do advise those following specific diets or eating programmes to consider self-catering.

Athletes that have booked campsites will have access to braai facilities at each site. The purchase of general stores such as wood, bread, milk etc is not available on site, but can be purchased in town.

A cash bar is available in the registration marquee that will sell soft drinks and a selection of alcoholic drinks during registration on Friday night and from 11:00 on Saturday. Alcohol is not for sale to under 18s. The organisers and sponsors trust that athletes and spectators consume alcohol wisely. Security officials will remove anyone seen to be abusive or destructive during the race weekend.

Is the race and venue child-friendly?

While we do not offer child care facilities or jumping castles, the venue is child-friendly to the point that it offers children the opportunity to swim and play outside. All children's activities need to be supervised by their parents. The race organisers, sponsors and service providers do not take responsibility for their safety in the water (unless during a specified race) or within the campsite. There are two races that cater for children in the morning.

What time will the after party finish?

This year's after party will end strictly at midnight on the Saturday night to allow campers not interested in these festivities to have a restful night. We ask that campers respect their fellow-campers and restrict the noise on their campsites.

Do you allow substitutions?

All substitutions must be arranged at the registration desks so that details can be officially changed. Substitutes will only be accepted for actual entries. In other words triathlon individual entries can only be substituted for triathlon individual entries etc. A small administrative fee will be charged for all substitutions. Athletes who do not have the details changed and run under someone else's number cause category results to be recorded as incorrect and may affect the validity of race insurance policies. Athletes caught racing under someone else's name and number will be reported to the relevant federation and may face a two-year ban from the event.

SUbstitutions will only be accepted on Friday 29 September at registration (17:00 - 20:30)


  • Substitutions will only be processed at the Friday registration.
  • An administrative fee of R75 is charged for a substitution, but the athletes need to sort out the exchange of entry fee money between themselves. 
  • Substitutions will not be processed across events – e.g. you can only substitute a team entry for another team entry and not for an individual. 

Substitutions will NOT be processed on race day due to the need to submit timing sheets the night before the race.  


We once again stress the importance of not simply racing under someone else's number.   
To be clear - there is a reason you cannot just take another person's number and race under their details: 

  • You will not be covered by our insurance.
  • You will put others at risk if you cause an incident due to insurance coverage stipulations.
  • You will not be covered by the CTUTA medical cover and similarly put others at risk of not being able to claim should you cause an incident.
  • We will not have the details of your emergency contact should anything happen to you. 
  • You will cheat the rightful owner of the position you claim on the results sheet if you are not exactly the same race category of the original entry. 

Racing is not without risk and at least one hospitalisation during last year's race proves that one can never be too careful.

We urge coaches and club committee members to impress upon their athletes that this type of behaviour is unacceptable at races and that the athlete will face sanctioning from the CTUTA and will not be permitted to race our races in future.

DAM WATER LEVELS: Will the Festival take place if the dam levels remain so low?

Yes, the Freshpak Fitness Festival is scheduled to take place irrespective of the dam level. Changes to the format of the Triathlon and Fitkids will be implemented should this be the case. With sufficient rain and snow run off, however, we are confident that the dam levels will return to an acceptable level by the end of September.

CHILDREN'S RACES: Can parents participate with their children?

No parents are allowed on the race course while the children's race is in progress. If you feel that your child is unable to participate without your support, we would advise them not to enter.

SWIM: Can athletes wear wetsuits in the long swim?

Athletes wearing wetsuits on the long swim will not be eligible for the prizes. Results will only be recorded for non-wetsuit swimmers.

SWIM: Are swim caps provided for the swimmers?

No swim caps are provided to those entering just the long swim, but they do need to wear a brightly coloured-compliant swim cap for the race.

TRIATHLON, BIATHLON, DUATHLON: Why do athletes have to be 16 or above to compete?

Sanctioned in accordance with TSA and WPTA, we are governed by the age group categories for distance as established by Triathlon South Africa and Western Province Triathlon Association. The Standard Sprint distance race caters for athletes that are 16 years and older. (Please note that if the athlete turns 16 by the 31 December 2017, they will be permitted to enter.)

TRIATHLON, BIATHLON, DUATHLON: Is it a mountain bike or a road bike course?

The bike leg takes place on tar and road bikes are recommended, although mountain bikes are permitted.

TRIATHLON, BIATHLON, DUATHLON: Can we draft on the bike leg?

Drafting is permitted on the bike leg. However, women may only draft women and men may only draft men.

TRIATHLON, BIATHLON, DUATHLON: Will tri-bars and tri-bikes be allowed?

As a draft-legal race, no tri bars that extend beyond the break levers or tri-bikes will be permitted.

TRIATHLON: What colour swim caps can we wear?

Athletes must wear the swim caps provided to them at registration. The swim caps are colour-coded according to the race category you have entered (Men, Women or Teams).

TRIATHLON: Can we wear wetsuits in the swim leg?

The final decision on whether wetsuits will be permitted will take place in accordance with the rules set out by TSA as they relate to the water temperature. While there is a small chance that the water temperature will be too high to allow the use of wetsuits, history shows that this is not the case and athletes will have the choice to wear wetsuits or not.

The Freshpak Fitness Festival is organised by Tri & Du Sport in conjunction with Rooibos Limited.

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